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Claim 25% off on all services for first-time customers TODAY!

Attention Women in Lone Tree, CO 80124

Find Out How 197 Lone Tree Women Experience Smoother Hair Free Skin, Slimmer Waistlines, Have More Energy and Less Bloat , Using our natural health products Combined With Our Wellness Services…

…And how they were treated physically, emotionally, and mentally WITHOUT undergoing expensive treatments and surgeries.

If you’ve had trouble finding a good spot for your self-care routine, this is the place to be! The staff here is super-friendly, it smells amazing and the decor and vibe is literally every girl's dream! I got a Brazilian wax + bought a detox tea I love! I’m definitely coming back here next month.

- Bethy, Verified Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Imagine being in a place of inner-wellness, rejuvenation, and good vibes, and starting to experience…


✅ Cleansing

✅ Better Gut Health

✅ Smoother Hair Free Skin

✅ Body Contouring

✅ In a Spa-like atmosphere

‘I was going crazy……’

As someone who’s deeply into health and self care now, I struggled with finding a place to go for my feminine maintenance needs! I needed treatments and products that would aid in correcting the things about myself I was insecure about. 


Like Consuming junk food since I had little time to cook a healthy meal which was causing my bloat to get worst


Always feeling tired and sluggish. Never having enough energy to workout or even want to socialize. 


Having sensitive skin and always getting bumps and scars from trying to remove unwanted hair. 


Not being able to eat what I loved because of severe indigestion and weight gain....


My anxiety was higher than ever and I was stressed which was causing breakouts. 


I did so much research and searched for help or suggestions on ways to correct bodily disfunctions naturally.


But nothing seemed to work or help out.

I was going crazy……


And I knew if I didn’t do anything about it, things would keep getting worse.


Realizing I had no one to turn to but myself...


I came out with a PLAN OF ACTION.


It was time for me to take a holistic approach and really start investing in myself…I’m so picky so I tried many different places to find solutions for my problems.


But there’s just something that was lacking in all of them.


Upon figuring it out…something clicked…


“What if every woman in Lone Tree has access to a place of self-care? One location where you can get multiple beauty treatments done.

A place of self awareness and wellness, offering natural health and body products and services! A place with exceptional customer service and a pleasant uplifting atmosphere!”


I knew that was something so hard to find at the time …..


Little did I know that a few months later, I’d be creating this space for the group of empowered women ready to feel and look their best! From the inside out!  


I got more involved with studying the art of self-care and ways to not only look your best but feel good as well!  


Found the new way you're able to contour your waistline without surgery!


The best wax that’s safe for sensitive skin and leaves it smooth and reduces marks! All natural products that relieve bloat and indegestion! 


All natural products that clear up acne and skin conditions! 

Ways to lose weight safely and discover products that give you natural energy all day and improve focus! 


The self-care treatments I do monthly and the products I use daily have uplifted me as a person. 


Your health should be your top priority. I feel like the best version of myself when I am healthy.


Now my job is to help other women who might be in the same shoes I was In.


It became my lifestyle…

“It’s only once we feel good that we look good! “.


The practices of detoxification are geared towards healing your overall wellness…


And today, it’s your turn to experience a self-care practice that removes toxins, helps speed up surgery recovery by naturally activating your lymphatic system, reduces bloat and helps shape and contour your waistline.  


Together with our other wellness services...


It’s time to get smooth hair free skin from using our amazing Jelly Wax, get acne blemish free skin from custom facials, obtain the lashes you’ve always dreamed of with a full set of extensions and learn natural safe ways to lose weight and gain energy! 


Get ready to experience a self confidence and version of you never felt before!

Flawless Health and Beauty Bar is a health and self-care wellness provider specializing in full Body Waxing, Body Contouring, Facials & Eyelash Extensions .

Check Out Our Wellness Services...($25 OFF All Services)

Body Contouring

Becoming The Best Version of You From the Inside Out With Us Is Not Just A Process, It's A Lifestyle! For The Body, Mind & Soul.



 Works directly with your digestive system to help in healing your body from the inside out. Massage techniques increase metabolism, flush toxins, help cleanse the colon, reduce bloating and break down fat and cellulite around the midsection.


This treatment will have you ready to show off that snatched midsection and back! Lymphatic techniques help drain accumulated fluid and water weight from your back, midsection, and lymph nodes directly from your lymphatic system.


The techniques used during the "Check Out These Guns" treatment will assist in tightening and toning loose skin under and around the arms. Post treatment your arms will be tank-top ready!



Perfect treatment to get those gorgeous legs ready for the runway! Hand massage helps flush fluid and water weight through your lymphatic system; radio frequency tightens the skin; and cavitation helps break down fat and reduce cellulite.




Helps activate the natural drainage of the lymph. It reduces swelling and inflammation caused by accumulation of fluids in the body. 



Colombian body technique that incorporates wood shaped tools that aid in sculpting desired areas of the body and helps move and smooth accumulated tissue which cause irregularities in skin and cellulite.




This service will significantly reduce swelling and bloat and is beneficial for clients who want a slimmer waistline and reduce back fat. Each Session includes 10 min of Laser Lipo.


Tired of using a razor & dealing with hard hair growth? Try our organic jelly  wax that leaves your skin smoother without any pain or razor bumps!


✅ Brazilian Wax

✅ Bikini Wax

✅ Eyebrows

✅ Upper Lips

✅ Under Arms

✅ Chin

✅ Legs (Full/Half)

✅ Stomach

✅ Full Face Wax

✅ Neck

✅ Buttocks Wax

✅ Butt Strip

✅ Arms (Half/Full)

✅ Nipple



Lift and tighten facial tissues. It is a procedure to create a younger appearance in your face. The techniques used will reduce sagging or fine lines in the skin on the cheeks, jaw line, neck and under eye. 



Between the high Elevation and the dry climate in Colorado it becomes necessary to maintain your skin on a monthly basis to keep it looking its very best. 


The benefits include improving age spots, hyperpigmentation, exfoliating the skin, lessening the appearance of stretch marks, and treating acne scarred skin. 



Microneedling helps to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer and more toned skin.


Our Acne Facial includes a Deep cleanse and detox of the pores. Steaming treatment Exfoliation and Extractions. Mask custom Acne Treatment and hydration.



Eyebrow Tinting is the process of applying either Tint or Henna to the brow to give a fuller and more enhanced look. 



Brow lamination involves the “perming” of your eyebrow hairs to provide a fuller, more even look. Your brow hairs are brushed upward to help pull them in a uniform vertical direction.


The Daisy Duke 👙 - Radio Frequency triggers the skin to produce more collagen; which smooths wrinkles and tightens saggy skin!



A Classic Set includes Single Lashes; no fans. Giving a natural and Flawless mascara look. No Foreign lashes are accepted to ensure you have the best experience and retention. Please come to the appointment with all makeup removed from the eye area.



The Hybrid Full set includes a Mix of classic and volume lashes creating a flawless, fluffy lash. No Foreign Lashes are accepted to ensure you have the best experience and retention. Remove all eye makeup before the appointment.


Volume Lashes are full and fluffy, making your everyday look a little more Glamorous!! No Foreign Lashes are accepted to ensure you have the best experience and retention. Please come to the appointment with all makeup removed from the eye area.




Volume lashes with some texture! This look gives a more wispy effect compared to the more rounded even lash look of a classic set.



Gentle Removal of previous lash set. Lash Removal is required for all new clients to Flawless Health and Beauty Bar as Foreign Fills are not accepted to ensure you have the best experience and retention.

Here’s What Some Of Our Satisfied Customers Say About Their Flawless Health and Beauty Bar Experience…

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage before & after. Phew, can’t imagine being this toned!Loving my bod!’ 

 -Jenny  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


‘If I woke up like this was a person! I am surprised plus super happy with the results! 

- Ambrose ⭐


Whatttt! Look at those lashes!! I am super happy with the results!  Never felt more beautiful!

- Jen ⭐


This helped me remove the dead skin & dirt  with gentle exfoliation. YAY SELF-CARE!

- Kattie ⭐


‘This is after only ONE session of “The Beach Babe! I’m so excited to see what happens next!’ 

- Emma ⭐


‘Look at those gorgeous Lashes!! OH my Gosh! I am in love! 

- Stephanie ⭐

Before/After Pictures with Our Treatments

The Beach Babe


Flawless Facial


Beach Babe with Laser Lipo 


Shape and contour your midsection without surgery.


Post OP Massage


Post Op results after only two sessions!


Detox Massage

224332365_123459169988171_5806657109365314460_n (1).jpg

Try the Beach Babe! 


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